Because we run super fabulous tours that are great fun and will blow your mind.! We are very flexible and cater the trip to what YOU like to do.

1. Gary will be your guide and he is VERY good at what he does.
2. You communicate directly with Gary every step of the way.
3. Gary is the founder and the owner of the company so he is very much invested in YOU having an incredible time.
4. Our tours are a really great value for the price we charge.
5. We’ll save you value time, effort, stress, worry and money.
6. I’ll show you the very best there is to offer.
7. The food, hotels, walks and the price are unbeatable.
8. We are flexible and tailor the trip to what you want to do.
9. You’ll get to meet and spend time with our local friends.
10. Because this is our passion and we LOVE what we do!

They vary greatly and we do not have a set itinerary, why would we? we do not know how you like to walk yet! There are many hiking options that we can decide on from easy flat trails too more challenging – and everything in between.

We find that on some days people want to do easy trails and other days more challenging ones. Some days we have people doing different trails and we all meet at a refugio (mountain lodge) – just like you would at a ski resort after people have taken different runs down the hill. We always take the weather into consideration and we know where to go and where not to go.

We’ve taken families with twenty-year-old runners and 70-80 year olds who only wanted to walk short distances and the rest of the family wanting to do something in-between. They were all able to do the amount and level of walking they desired and had a great time.

You’ll walk with a light daypack and we move your luggage. Our goal is for you to see and experience the best trails and views, stay at the best hotels and enjoy the best food – to enjoy all the area has to offer – and we are very good at doing that!

After a fantastic breakfast we start around 8:30am. We either go by foot from our hotel or we take a cable car up to our starting point. We hike for an hour or two before reaching our first mountain lodge where we take a break and have coffee, then hike for another hour or two and stop for an incredible lunch with a view on the terrace of another lodge.

In the afternoon there are always options to hike for another hour or so to another lodge where we can have a beer or wine and strudel, or finish via cable car or short walk down to the next village.

A typical day is 6-8 miles of walking. Then there are villages to explore, the spa to relax in, or have a glass of wine sitting in the sun. We’ll head out for an amazing dinner followed by a drink at a local bar, or you may be ready to curl up and get a good night’s sleep – it’s always up to you.

NO. We have many people who have never done a walking tour before and they do great and have a blast. There is no such thing as being too slow or unfit, or being too fast or too fit.

If you walk slower don’t worry we’ll be watching out for you and the faster walkers will just be drinking a cappuccino in the next lodge and enjoying the view – this has never been an issue.

YES. We are we proud of our perfect safety record – we have never had an accident on any of our 200 international adventure travel trips – and we plan to keep it that way. We are professional mountains guides used to leading expeditions on the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world and we are very careful and conservative of where we go and what we do with our guests. You are in very capable and expert hands. We will never take you where you would be in any danger and we know where NOT to go in adverse weather and conditions.

An amazing and diverse selection of walks and views tailored to your level; fantastic food; wonderful family-run accommodation that you will love; time for yourself and to relax and enjoy the areas we visit; interaction with our local friends; a great small group feel like you are traveling with a fun bunch of friends; a guide who is very personable and easy-going; and a five-star experience for a three-star price.

We vary our itinerary and can cater it to what you want to do – but after countless tours we have figured out what most people like to do and experience.

Mainly like-minded people who love nature, the outdoors and having an active, healthy and fun vacation away from the typical crowded tourist spots. We rarely get super experienced hikers – they usually go on their own, but we do get some who want to really see the BEST spots in a limited time. We get all ages but try and place people of the same ages and abilities on the same tours. We are very good at catering to all levels on a tour.

We get many single travelers along with couples and groups of friends who may be on a tour. Single travelers have their own regular size room at NO extra charge!

We do not mix children with adults, unless a family books a tour to themselves. We do have family tours each year you can join with your kids.

Yes. I have taken many families with kids as young as 8 and they loved it!

Please be aware that families with kids under 18 need to book a private tour.

Rock climbing, Via Ferrata routes, tandem Parasailing and mountain or road biking with local expert guides; cooking classes, music concerts, a massage, or even a round of golf.

Easy- we take you! Our guests often fly into Venice, Milan, Munich or Innsbruck but for our typical trip we will pick you up in Bolzano and drop you in Cortina D’Ampezzo. We suggest you arrive a few days before the tour to get over any jet lag and to enjoy Europe.

We are happy to make recommendations of where to go and what to do and how long to stay in each place. We know many other guides who are experts in their area.

No particular level of fitness is required as I can tailor the walks to your fitness and abilities.

Please contact me if you have any concerns.

For many reasons, but for starters we customize each tour and don’t yet know what level walker you are at or what you want to see or do. We do not have a one-size-fits-all tour.

Think of going on a ski trip. You do not sit and plan what runs you are going to do before you go. You get there and see how you feel, what the weather is like, and often you want to warm up on some easy runs, then work your way up to more challenging runs (and that’s what is challenging for you). Some days you may want to do moderate runs all day and other days do some more challenging runs. We also do not know yet what level of walker you are and what type of terrain you like walking on. We do not have pre-set trails that we plan to do, we wait and see how the group is feeling and what they like to do and what level they are at (usually determined after a few hours on the first day on the trail), and then we propose options each day for different people or groups of people. We also like to stay flexible to the weather and what types of terrain and scenery people like to experience.

It is highly recommended that you take out comprehensive travel insurance as soon as possible on your entire trip in case your travel plans are interrupted or cancelled for any reason.

After paying a $500 per person deposit the final balance for the trip is due 90 days prior to your trip’s departure. An invoice will be sent to you just prior to that date as a reminder.

If it is necessary to cancel your trip anytime up to 90 days prior to departure you will receive a full refund less a $300 administrative fee.

Within 90 days of departure the following fees apply:

61-90 days prior to departure – $500

31-60 days prior to departure – 50% of the trip cost is non-refundable

0-30 days prior to departure – 100% of the trip cost is non-refundable

Please feel free to contact Gary with any more questions on the Contact page.