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Hiking in the Gorgeous High Tatras

Hiking in the High Tatras, also called Tatra Mountain, is an unmatchable experience. This is the place one should hike once in a lifetime to enjoy the beauty of spectacular peaks along with crystal clear lakes that make the view so dramatic and indulging. The High Tatras is one of the stunning mountains range in Europe, where hikers around the globe invest in a holiday or travel package to confront its oh-so-adorable beauty.

But what makes hikers add this place to their hiking checklist? Let’s discuss the quick facts about the High Tatras.

  • The High Tatras are a part of the Carpathian mountains that lies along the Slovakian and Polish frontier.
  • The highest mountain in Slovakia is Gerlachovský štít (2655m), one of High Tatras’ peaks.
  • High Tatras’ second highest peak is Lomnický Peak (2634 m) that can only be accessible by a cable car. 
  • The High Tatras features more than 100 alpine lakes. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • The deepest lake in Tatras is Wielki Staw, which is 79.3m deep. 

And there are innumerable facts about Mountain Tatras that give hikers many reasons to visit and have a memorable experience. All these facts probably, develop an urge to know more about this place. 

Reasons Why One Should Go For Hiking in the High Tatras 

Hikers! We understand how passionate you are about viewing nature’s beauty climbing the top peaks. Therefore, we are here listing some more reasons to heighten your interest in exploring this place. Before you tighten the bootlaces or get your backpack stocked, take a look at the below-listed points revealing the little secrets of High Tatras. 

  • Beauty is Far Beyond Your Imagination

Yes, it is beautiful! Hikers always strive for those dramatic views that they could remember for a lifetime, and if you’re one of them, High Tatras is the right hiking destination for you. When you drive towards the High Tatras National Park, you will start noticing the spectacular views that will even continue to get better after every point. 

Watching mountains bathed in the sunlight with some fog giving a little blurry touch and flowers giving a colorful twist will surely leave you in a state of contentment and peace. If your main motive of hiking the High Tatras is watching the admirable sceneries, then you will surely not go back barehanded. 

  • Hiking in Tatras is Pocket-Friendly

In recent years, the High Tatras of Slovakia have encountered a good increase in the number of hikers. Probably, the main reason behind being so pocket-friendly is that unlike other European countries, this alpine adventure is quite inexpensive and sustainable, giving hikers a good reason to choose the High Tatras as their hiking destination. This trip becomes more affordable with us as we offer Slovakia Hiking Tours at a very competitive price. 

  • No Crowd, Peaceful Experience!

The ideal months for hiking in the High Tatras is from June to October. If you’re planning for hiking to take a break from your city life, away from the busy-bee crowd in search of peace, then visit High Tatras of Slovakia today. It is a better place than hitting up other popular places in Europe touched by heavy tourism. During these months, the hiking trails remain open for extraordinary experiences. 

  • Picture-Perfect Mountain Lakes

Mountain lakes of the High Tatras will surely take your heart away. The combination of crisp mountain air and the turquoise lake is ultimate, and one can enjoy it all at the High Tatras. While hiking, you can enjoy a sense of calmness with many small lakes and ponds that come in between the hike points. Some of the most popular lakes, Popradske Pleso and Strbske Pleso, are known for their own importance. Don’t forget to capture the beauty of Wielki Staw Lake (the deepest lake in Tatra).

  • Wildflowers Are Captivating

While hiking in the Tatras, you will encounter a moment when you will be unable to stop yourself from falling for mountains covered with wildflowers. It will surely make you capture such an alluring scene on your device. 

Like it? Plan Your Trip Today With Us!

Nowadays, hikers find Tatras as one of the favorite places for hiking than other destinations in Europe. The place holds such a magnificent beauty of mountains and lakes that is as scenic as the Alps but still, it is undiscovered by many hikers across the globe. 

Tatras protects and preserves the environment and if you want to experience it, then plan your Slovakia trip today with us. We will make your hiking experience more memorable with our best services! With us, you can get access to the world’s best walking guides on this High Tatras mountain adventure. We tailor the hikes perfectly for your needs.