Nepal Packing List

* This list describes what I will wear & pack for the trek, use as an example…

In my issued duffle: (lined with a garbage bag to protect from dust/rain.)
For wearing on the flight to Lukla and on the trail each day: * Your trek duffle and daypack must not weight more than 33lbs (15KG)
Synthetic zip off pants & belt & hiking shorts (optional) For in the lodge/evenings:
Synthetic underwear Comfortable pants (I wear the same outfit most nights…)
Synthetic T.Shirt/Polo Shirt & a synthetic long sleeve T.Shirt/polo shirt Cotton underwear (and an extra pair)
Lightweight soft shell jacket or a fleece jacket or “puffy” down jacket/vest. Down booties or warm hut slippers – North Face has some good booties.
Synthetic baseball cap and/or beanie Marino wool T. Shirt (and an extra)
Low cut hiking shoes & thick socks (or whatever you like to hike in) Marino wool long sleeve T. shirt
Cotton PPP mask (these are excellent for on the trail to avoid breathing Hoody/fleece jacket (can be the same one you use on the trail.)
in dust from the trail and to retain moisture in your nose and throat). Down jacket/vest (can be the same one you use on the trail).
Also: Spare clothing for on the trail: (in the duffle in nylon stuff bags).
Cash, ($200-500 in U.S.$, & $100 in Rupees in small denominations.) Synthetic underwear (x 2-3)
(And $100-200 per person for tips for Sherpa guides & lodge staff.) Thick socks (x 2-3)
Credit card (some shops in Namache Bazzar take credit cards, Synthetic T.Shirts or Polo Shirts (x 2-3)
– do not rely on the ATM working there, but you can change US$.) Synthetic long sleeve T.Shirt/Polo Shirts (x 1-2)
Vaccination card (the hotel in Kathmandu usually holds your passport.) Extra bandana & BUFF (buy a cool “Everest” one on the trail if needed).
(A soft money belt for around your neck/waist works well.) Marino wool or synthetic long-john pants (for cool mornings on the trail).
In my daypack: (with a name tag) (10lbs or 4.5kg max. weight). For sleeping:
Waterproof pack cover (also good for keeping trail dust off your pack.) Short & long sleeve PJ shirt & pants & bed socks (for cooler nights).
Sunglasses / phone / headlamp (or a small flashlight)
Sunscreen SPF 30+ & chapstick SPF 15+ Misc:
Waterproof/breathable Goretex type jacket Toiletries (in a small tupperwear box or hard sided bag).
Lightweight nylon wind shirt (optional) Toothbrush & small toothpaste
Lightweight down vest/jacket (in a nylon stuff bag) Hair brush & nail clippers
Lightweight synthetic gloves (I carry an extra pair since I am the guide…) Deodorant & small hand lotion – (shampoo & soap are provided in the lodges.)
Bandana & a synthetic neck gaitor/BUFF (can buy cool ones in Lukla) Ear plugs & extra chapstick, Nasal inhalers are a good idea.
Toilet paper / wet wipes / tissues / hand santizer Any medications needed (Sleeping tablets are NOT recommended at altitude.)
Misc: A good Book or Kindle (Kathmandu has great bookstores – get a book about Mt. Everest!)
A simple Swiss Army Knife (optional) (“Into Thin Air” is awesome if you have not read it, for example.)
Binoculars (we only need a few in the group) Electrical cords with adapters. (Wifi is available in the lodges & internet on the trail.)
Any medications you need on the trail (keep in your daypack). A laundry bag for dirty clothes, and a few zip-lock bags for whatever…
I will carry a First Aid Kit so you do NOT need one… (I use Packing cubes and nylon stuff bags for organizing stuff and making it easy
Trekking poles will be issued in Lukla. to find things, and to keep it all clean from trail dust. You can also just use plastic bags.)
Fingerless biking/workout gloves are great for using trekking poles

* My “travel duffle” weighted 44lbs (20kg), and when packed my trek duffle weighed under 20lbs (9kg), and my daypack weighed under 10lbs (4.5kg)(with   extra guide stuff.)
* Rather than having to re-think, re-organize and re-pack in Kathmandu – keep all this stuff for the trek in separate nylon/plastic bags for easy/quick packing for the trek.
* I drop off the clothes I flew to Nepal in, and the clothes I wore on the two days in Kathmandu, to the hotel’s laundry service before heading to the aiport to fly to Lukla –
so it is clean & ready for me upon my return after the trek. BIG TIP – be 98% packed and ready the night before flying to Lukla for less stress…
* Leave your luggage at the hotel reception for storage during the trek – make sure your luggage is well labeled and a lock is a good idea.
* I travel with a spare change of clothing in my carry-on (and some toiletries), just incase my luggage is delayed getting to Kathmandu, which can happen…

* I often bring a Ipad/tablet and get a Everest Link SIM card in Kathmandu to use on the trail (as “the guide” – I need to have good internet connection.)
* When I write “Marino Wool T. Shirt” or “Bamboo socks” it is not necessary to have that type of material – please use what I bring simply as examples.
* The lodges will have shampoo and soap, and hairdryers can be borrowed at each lodge (U.S. hairdryers will blow the fuses in the lodges – delaying dinner!)

To wear in Kathmandu:
Schedule – Day of arrival, maybe a walk around the area, enjoy the hotel spa, evening at the hotel; second day out and about, evening at the hotel.
Return from the trek – evening at the hotel, enjoy the hotel spa; second day sightseeing tour, evening at the hotel, departure the next morning.
Dress in Kathmandu is casual with normal travel clothing, closed shoes are highly recommended due to dirty streets, cow dung, rocks and bricks, etc.
Our host hotel is Five Star – so please, dress up a little for dinner, especially on our last night, (so trekking attire is uncool in the dining room.)
The Nepalese people are modest and so bare shoulders and/or short skirts are not appreciated, and you will not be allowed into temples, etc.
Bring a bathing suit if you think you will use the hotel spa & pool – (and if you have a layover in Asia as many hotels there have great pools.)