Places To Explore In Slovakia In A Week

Are you planning to explore the beauty of Slovakia? Even one week won’t be enough if you have noted down the places already, to capture the beauty of Slovakia. You can take the help of Right Path Adventures to know more about Slovakia tourism. We will guide you to the places worth visiting. 

In this article, you will get to have a glimpse of places, which should be on your wishlist. Slovakia is famous for the beauty of its national parks, caves, the castle, cathedrals, and so on. If you want to be in the lap of nature, then this is the place you need to visit. 

1) Downtown Bratislava 

The first and foremost thing on the list should be Downtown Bratislava. You can capture the beauty of the place by walking around. The main attraction of the place is 

• Main Square 

• Michalska Street 

• Venturska Street 

• Panska Street 

Visit the museum, cathedrals, and climb the castle hill. Taste the unique and delicious Slovak cuisine of the most mesmerizing restaurants. 

2) Visit Devin Castle 

Want to explore one of the oldest castles which date back to the 8th century? Devin castle is the must-visit place for you. Devin Castle is partially ruined and partially constructed. It’s a perfect stop for those who love to dwell on historical things. One of the most famous parts of Devin castle is the Maiden Tower, which is a tiny watchtower. 

Since the end of World War II, a restoration project has been ongoing. And all these historical things make it an even more exciting place to visit. 

3) Banska Bystrica

After visiting the castle, you can go forward to visit Banska Bystrica by the medium of train or bus (whichever suits you). Let’s have a look at the top attractions of Banska Bystrica

• Kalvaria 

• Banka Lasky 

• Museum of Slovak National Uprising

• Old Castle Banska Stiavnica 

• Open-Air Mining Museum 

• The Clock Tower 

• Pusty Hrad 

• Park Snow Donovaly

4) Visit Hiking Tracks 

Adventure is the inevitable part of the tour and Slovakia is the best place for hiking. Hikes in the High Tatras of Slovakia are the stuff of the wildest dreams of an adventurer. Enjoy pleasant ambles below snow-capped peaks or set out on amazing expeditions of multi-day huts.

 Here are some hiking tracks which you can go for. 

• Peak Velky Rozsutec – Mala Fatra mountains (estimated time 7 hrs)

• Loop hike in Velka Fatra mountains (estimated time 6 hrs)

• Ridge hike in the Low Tatras – Chopok – Dumbier (estimated time 6 hrs 30 minutes)

• High Tatras – peak Koprovsky stit (estimated time 8hrs)

• Adventure hike in the Slovak Paradise – gorge Sucha Bela (estimated time 5 hrs 30 minutes)

And now if you are wondering about the best time to visit Slovakia, then it is completely on your choice as every season in Slovakia offers a different kind of pleasure.

If you want to do a lot of adventure, then Winters is the best time to visit the place. And if you want to enjoy the sights without getting disturbed by a lot of human faces, then June and September are known as the best period for that. 

Slovakia has many colors of cultures which you can enjoy. There are many concerts, festival celebrations, fairs and so on. The place is enough to make you feel alive again with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. 

To have the best deals, you can take some professional help. Land on the best Slovakia travel agencies platform, Right Path Adventure, and kick-off your seamless journey to this beautiful place today!