Private Road Trips to Australia and New Zealand

MOST of our TOURS can be booked on ANY dates that are available for as many days as you like as a PRIVATE and/or FAMILY trip – so you can travel as COVID safely as possible. Contact us for our affordable private/family group rates and details.

Private Road Trips to Australia and New Zealand with Gary Scott – your own personal travel guide.
Available November through March – the best time to go!

Take the worry and stress out of traveling in Australia or New Zealand – let alone driving on the “wrong” side of the road – and let me, Gary Scott, a native Australian, and an award-winning travel guide – show you the very best of Australia or New Zealand. I will design a very fun and affordable trip specifically for you – and take you away from the crowds – starting and ending in any city, and for as many days as you have available. Save your time and worries and get a custom-built “al a carte” personal travel plan according to your travel dates, budget, and preferences – including the best sights to see, the best places to visit, and many “Aussie fair dinkum” experiences to enjoy on the way.

In regards to road trips in Australia, I focus on the east coast including Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (N.S.W.), Victoria (VIC), South Australia (S.A.), and Tasmania (TAS). If people want to go to Western Australia (W.A.) or the Northern Territory (N.T.) including Ayers Rock in the outback, I can help organize flights to these more remote areas and assist them with where to go and what to do.

I have an SUV that I use on road trips in Australia which is very comfortable for 3 passengers, or 4 if needed. Any more people than that and I rent a larger vehicle like a van or a mini-bus, as I do in NZ.

New Zealand:
I recently drove over 5,000 miles on both islands of New Zealand exploring every nook and cranny and I found some awesome off-the-beaten-path-places – and like many countries, I have explored there are places you hear and read about that are usually very crowded and rather disappointing and not really worth the time and effort to go to, and then there are the lesser-heard of places which were usually uncrowded and were the real highlights of the trip.

My preference in New Zealand is to show people around the South Island and depending how much time you have that is where I suggest we go. I much prefer the incredible diversity and dramatic beauty of the South Island, but I am available to take people to the North Island – or I can help organize flights or a ferry to the North Island and help people with what to do and where to go once there.

Trips for all budgets:
Please contact me for some ideas on what you can see and do with the time you have available and I will work out an awesome and affordable itinerary according to your interests and preferences and budget. Usually, I cover hotels and transport and people pay for specific activities (such as jet boat rides or Sydney harbor bridge climbs) and meals along the way so you can choose your own dining options – though I can tailor and price the trip to your preferences.

When to go:
The best time to visit Australia or New Zealand is between November and March. School holidays are between December and the end of January so it’s busier, more expensive and harder to get hotel bookings during these months – but it’s not impossible. In some places in New Zealand, you have to book months in advance to get decent accommodation and some areas sell out very early.

Like to do your own thing?
I can also help you with planning your own trip to Australia or New Zealand and also make hotel bookings if you prefer. I also work with a few excellent local guides and inexpensive private tour companies that offer fantastic small group tours and who can suggest many options. I charge a small fee for my time to help you with all of this.